Discover 3 destinations for your 2023 Learning Expeditions tailored for your leaders


Mathieu Hamel

Mathieu Hamel

July 6, 2023

In the middle of 2023, we are taking you on a discovery of the most stimulating ecosystems to organize your next learning expedition. Shake up your top management, and offer them an impactful collective intelligence experience to fuel their strategic reflections on the transformation of your company. In this article, we present how we select the ideal destinations for a learning expedition as well as the recommended « hot » destinations for 2023.

How to choose the destination for your learning expedition ?

Our selection criteria for the best Learning Expedition destinations:

The best destinations offer a flourishing ecosystem focused on the key themes around which you wish to stimulate your leaders’ thinking. Among the “hot” topics in 2023, we find artificial intelligence (AI), collective intelligence of teams, and also the social and environmental responsibility of companies. Through these major current themes, learning expeditions allow us to address the major challenges of corporate transformation: recruitment, employee retention, evolution of the way of working and expectations regarding work, but also innovation and a new managerial model.”

Ideal destinations will disrupt the cultural habits of participants to allow your leaders to better understand the link between culture and behavior while providing familiar environments for better identification with the speakers.

We recommend destinations in Europe or easily accessible from France, where CO2 emissions can be offset by partners specialized in carbon footprint neutralization.

Aspects such as the ease of movement in the city, the cost and budgetary impact must be taken into account to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience”.

Where to go on a learning expedition in 2023?

Let’s explore the destinations we recommend for a Learning Expedition in 2023, based on these criteria.

Stockholm: Explore the secrets behind the Swedish well-being at work and the ingredients of responsible innovation

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, has positioned itself as one of the most exciting ecosystems in terms of sustainable development, greentech/cleantech, corporate social responsibility (CSR), well-being at work, and health/pharmaceuticals.

This destination, not far from us, has been highly recommended this year because of its many innovative companies and the valuable insights it offers. Stockholm is a true breeding ground for innovative leaders, generating an impressive number of companies valued at more than a billion dollars per capita, after Silicon Valley. Globally known names such as Spotify and Klarna have already revolutionized the music and e-commerce industries. In addition, Stockholm stands out for its commitment to CSR, with Swedish companies such as Ikea, H&M, Ericsson, and Electrolux considered pioneers in this field.

The city is also recognized for its transformation of mobility, implementing bold initiatives to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and promote sustainable modes of transport. The Scandinavian city is also globally recognized as a leading research hub in the health sector. Swedish culture, characterized by values of equality, autonomy, and transparency, also influences the participatory and collaborative leadership style, which your leaders can draw inspiration from.

India (Mumbai or Bangalore): The new global superpower

India has gained an increasingly important place on the international stage and represents a fascinating destination for a Learning Expedition focused on digital transformation or societal responsibility, for example.

The cities we recommend exploring in India are typically Mumbai and Bangalore. Bangalore, often called the “Silicon Valley of India”, is one of the most dynamic technological ecosystems in the world. Mumbai, a bustling metropolis that has incubated many startups and where the headquarters of flagship companies like Tata are located, is also a driver of innovation and growth.

Beyond tech, India offers a cultural shock that provides a truly transformative experience personally and professionally for your leaders. The corporate culture in India is historically very focused on responsible and sustainable practices and the circular economy, with giants like Tata, who invest heavily in CSR.

By participating in a Learning Expedition in India, you will have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich culture, marked by frugal innovation, the spiritual dimension and the ingenious mentality of the “Jugaad”, which consists of doing more with less.

Paris: A major innovation hub in Europe, within reach

Finally, let’s not forget the possibilities offered by our own ecosystem, Paris. This destination has long been a major player in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. With an increasing number of startups and unicorns, Paris is a significant technology hub, alongside cities like London and Berlin.

The learning expeditions we organized this year have highlighted the importance of this destination and the opportunities it offers. Paris is also recognized for its expertise in engineering, with world-renowned universities training exceptional talents. Moreover, the city is home to the headquarters of major global companies in sectors such as retail and luxury, which are innovating more and more hand in hand with startups.

A Learning Expedition in Paris will allow participants to closely discover the latest trends and innovations in a familiar environment.

Innovation Is Everywhere: Your Partner for Unique Learning Expeditions

At Innovation Is Everywhere, we are proud to organize customized Learning Expeditions all around the world.

Our team, based in Singapore and France, specializes in the design of tailor-made programs that meet the specific transformation needs of each company. We manage the entire process, from content planning to logistics and facilitation, leveraging our extensive network and proven methodology.

We assist you in broadening your horizons, living a transformative experience, and creating a positive impact in a complex and constantly evolving world

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