Case studies

Google Cloud

Learning Expedition in Tel Aviv

Google Cloud EMEA’s marketing department wanted to organize learning expeditions to offer networking opportunities to their sales teams with prospects and clients.



Learning Expedition in Berlin

The French-based utility company Suez wanted to speed up their digital transformation and inspire their leaders across all regions to work with their ecosystem more, learn good practices of open innovation and cultural transformation inside companies and learn how to collaborate with startups to speed up their digital transformation.


Learning Expedition in Shenzen

DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia headquartered in Singapore with over 9 million customers and operating across 18 markets. Their Data management team (data scientists and business  analysts, from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and India) was looking to explore and source for potential partners for their 3-year roadmap on data management, and wanted to meet the most innovative and AI-focused companies to learn their best practices.



Learning Expedition in Singapore

The Transformation and Strategy department of the French bank and insurance company Natixis needed to onboard the whole company in the effort of transformation, enrich the strategic vision and innovation roadmap to improve its operational efficiency and customer experience as well as discover new business model opportunities.


Virtual Learning Expedition

TotalEnergies organizes a learning expedition each year for its 80 top talents as part of their leadership program, to help them get inspiration and insights from the outside and reflect on the company’s transformation. Amid the Covid pandemic, they decided to shift to a virtual format, with the challenge of making it an exciting and overwhelming experience.



Learning Expedition in Stockholm

The pharmaceutical company Chugai Pharma, a member of the Roche Group, wanted to organize a learning experience about innovation for the innovation team and the winners of an internal innovation contest. They wanted this experience to be a moment of inspiration and reflection about innovation, that is eye-opening and impactful for the 15 participants, and also for the entire company.


Learning Expedition in Shangai

The global insurance company AXA wanted to understand the startup scene in China and identity technologies that help AXA to develop disruptive business model.




Accorhotels needed to identify startups that can have a real business impact on the group’s key functions (marketing, f&b, in-room service, maintenance and energy).


Learning Expedition in Asia

Asia’s retail landscape is transforming fast, with many new players such as Alibaba or JD in China.   The Open Innovation Group & France Director of the global retail group Carrefour needed its team to understand the state of the retail market today and how it is transforming in Asia.



Learning Expeditions in Paris

The industrial cheese manufacturing group Bel wanted to take a step back from the short term challenges to get inspired and reflect on the reinvention of their business model and strategic transformation to stay relevant in a future threatened by climate change.