Case study: Bel

Learning Expedition in Paris about climate change for the RID, CSR and CIO directors of the group Bel to accelerate their business model transformation

Challenge & Context

The industrial cheese manufacturing group Bel wanted to take a step back from the short term challenges to get inspired and reflect on the reinvention of their business model and strategic transformation to stay relevant in a future threatened by climate change.


A 1-day learning expedition on climate change in Paris with 10 directors from the RID, CSR and the Chief Impact Officer of the group, with an introduction to the regenerative model, meetings with inspiring organizations sharing their regenerative roadmaps and achievements as well as their strategies and challenges, and workshops to reflect on the group’s future.


“A questioning, inspiring and invigorating expedition”

A perfect highlighting of our medium-term challenges within BEL: our need to reconsider our historical business model, the challenge of degrowth, of regeneration, and the crucial choices to make to ensure the company’s future

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