Innovation Reports & Startups Sourcing

We source startups, identify case studies and screen trends on a global scale in your sector to help your organization address its innovation challenges

We identify the new solutions, technologies, behaviors, innovative business models, or services that you need to know to help your company stay ahead, open to the world and accelerate its transformation journey.

Address an internal challenge

We leverage our expertise in startups sourcing and find the most innovative and compelling case studies across the world to provide insights and inspiration, or to identify potential collaborations for your leaders to address your specific internal challenges. We work closely with your teams to be 100 % customized to your organization’s industry and context.


Inspiring reports for your leaders

We can share our detailed innovation reports with your teams to expose the company to new ways of doing things and to innovative solutions in other organizations to the problems they are facing in your own company. Through our reports, leaders get the confidence to do things differently and lead new innovation projects.


In-depth analysis for long term collaboration

We provide more in-depth analysis for VentureClient units to identify and evaluate relevants tartups for your internal challenges to enter long term collaborations and stay ahead in your industry. We use your criteria to assess the startups, their transformational potential  on your business, their level of maturity and the risk for your business, and more.


Flexible and innovative delivery formats

We are flexible in our delivery formats and adapt to your needs. We have developed our own software to assess startups but we can adapt our delivery formats to what is more convenient for you.

They got inspired by our innovation reports

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