Europe's journey towards corporate sustainability and decarbonization reflects a collective ambition to spearhead the global green revolution. From Finland's deeply ingrained culture of sustainability to France's bold corporate strategies, and Spain's innovative public-private collaboration models, Europe exemplifies how urban centers can transition towards sustainable practices while fostering economic growth.

As AI reshapes industries, leaders must navigate Generative AI's complexities. To become a generative AI leader, one must integrate these technologies while maintaining ethical standards.

In 2024, business and technology professionals are turning towards India, South Korea, and Sweden for enriching Learning Expeditions. These countries offer unique ecosystems to explore the latest innovations and practices in technology, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility. This article dives into the heart of these dynamic destinations to reveal why they are essential for leaders seeking to broaden their perspectives and stimulate growth in an ever-evolving world.

Scentopia, presents an immersive fusion of technology and perfumery as Singapore’s first augmented reality perfume-making experience. The store offers...

In the middle of 2024, we are taking you on a discovery of the most stimulating ecosystems to organize your next learning expedition. Shake up your top management, and offer them an impactful collective intelligence experience to fuel their strategic reflections on the transformation of your company. In this article, we present how we select the ideal destinations for a learning expedition as well as the recommended « hot » destinations for 2024.

A new social network is all the rage in China. Recently launched in the Korean and North American markets, the Soul app, supported by the …

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