Customized Leadership Development Programs

Transform your leaders with our customized leadership development programs, designed to elevate skills and inspire transformation within the company

Why choose us for your development leadership programs?

Our executive development programs serve the cultural transformation of the company

We believe that change in a company starts with changing the behaviors of their leaders and is best achieved through impactful and intense learning experiences with actionable insights. We build customized leadership development programs to inspire new strategies and behaviors to your leadership.

Change in the way we do business is needed

We equip your leaders to turn the new challenges of the 21st century into opportunities to create value and lead with purpose in your company. Our customized leadership development programs challenge leaders in their ways of thinking and doing, and inspire them with fresh ideas on how to accelerate innovation, face their transformation  challenges, and create value for the customers, employees, and the planet.


We are entering a new leadership paradigm

Remote working and new aspirations from talents have transformed team dynamics. Through our customized leadership development programs, leaders will learn how to harness the organization’s collective intelligence and work with their ecosystem to achieve greater employee engagement, innovation and results.

Our unique approach

Every program is unique and customized for your needs. We design programs with the right mix between online and offline, to maximize impact and fit with your leaders’ agendas. Our unique approach is a blend between :

Immersive transformative experience

Our customized leadership development programs include learning expeditions to bring leaders outside of their usual environment, and make them discover other ways of doing and different company cultures and behaviors. The experience leaves a profound impact on the mindset of the leaders who participate, and accelerate change. They get inspired by other leaders and get the confidence to do things differently.

Strategic content

We don’t rely on fixed “on the shelf”' content and lecturers in our design programs with the most up-to-date content rooted in real-world applications, aligned with today's business transformation needs and new strategic leadership development paradigms.

Collective intelligence

Our customized leadership development programs help leaders to engage effectively with their ecosystem and facilitate collective intelligence within their teams using diverse methodologies.

For whom are those programs?

We offer transformative learning journeys entirely customized for your leaders, seniors, mid-level or high potentials, to drive real behavior change in your organization.


C-level senior executives programmes

We design highly energizing and inspirational programmes for C-level executives that can fit in their busy schedules but allow them to take a step back and think differently about the challenges and the long term vision of the company.


Mid-Level first time managers programmes

We designed learning programmes focused on building critical leadership skills for first-level leaders and middle-level managers.


High potential / Talent development programmes

We design programmes to prepare your most talented individuals to take on broader leadership roles in your organization and navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Clients testimonials


Innovation Is Everywhere conducted a deep design thinking mission in Australia observing, emphasizing and interviewing 50 mining workers on the job site. The quality insights outcomes delivered conducted to a massive and promising business transformation into a very difficult and challenging industry environment

Laurent Voisin

Global SVP Marketing Energy and Resources


We have been working with Innovation is Everywhere in order to better understand how corporate innovation places across the world were setup and which services they provided to their users. Through examples from Africa, Asia and the Americas, and also thanks to their recommendations, we have been able to better shape our project. A rich collaboration

Catherine Delisle

Head of Project Development at Fabrique Digitale


I enjoy both their capacity to detect new elements from their field trips and on-the-ground exploration, as well as their capability to link those findings with business objectives

Yves Lacheret

Senior VP Entrepreneurship Advocacy

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