About us

We are on a mission to empower leaders to shift to sustainable growth

Our story

Since 2015, Innovation Is Everywhere has been helping leaders of large organizations open their eyes and mind to new technology trends, and major societal movements, and project themselves into the world of tomorrow. A world that will be, we are convinced, strongly influenced by climate change, technological advances, and major geopolitical movements and that will require a rethinking of our societal model. Our mission is to prepare today’s and tomorrow’s leaders of major groups to lead innovation and transformation to shape this new world.


To do this, we equip leaders and high potentials with the right tools and help them get out of their daily routine, take a moment to reflect, get inspired and energized by peers and innovators around the world who are at the forefront of these transformations.


Innovation Is Everywhere delivers challenging and inspiring transformational programs that combine relevant content and transformative experience.


Meet our team


We are a multicultural team with diverse backgrounds from psychology to business and technology, a broad international experience and a common passion about designing impactful transformational programs to accelerate leaders to face the challenges of the 21st. century.


Mathieu is one of the co-founders CEO of Innovation Is Everywhere, graduated from HEC, he is a strategic advisor and expert in open innovation.


Celine is passionate about impact and mindset change. She’s lived in Asia for 8 years and worked on various projects in digital, corporate innovation and executive education for more than a decade.

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