Case study: Natixis

Fintech and Insurtech Learning Expedition in Singapore for Natixis Assurances

Challenge & Context

The Transformation and Strategy department of the French bank and insurance company Natixis needed to onboard the whole company in the effort of transformation, enrich the strategic vision and innovation roadmap to improve its operational efficiency and customer experience as well as discover new business model opportunities.


5 days of meetings, workshops and insights in Singapore

20 startups met, 5 sharing sessions with the innovation labs of other banks or insurance players, 4 visited accelerators. 

42 ideas generated/person (502 ideas in total) during 4 debriefings and 1 ideation workshop on topics such as culture, methodologies, operational efficiency and customer experience

Partnerships engaged at highest level with key startups in SG.

Awareness on critical digital capability (UX, use of data, AI, blockchain…) and new ways of working (lean, POC…)

Presentation of key learnings and actions to the Executive Committee to get their support.


“I recommend Innovation Is Everywhere for the excellent Learning Expedition they delivered for our company in Singapore, the relevance of the visits and the quality of their facilitation on the ground”

Dominique Rémy
Deputy CEO of Natixis Insurance

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