Customized Learning Expeditions

Customized learning expeditions for leaders to explore the most innovative ecosystems, be immersed in a different environment, get inspired by decision makers in other countries and boost their network

Why going on a learning expedition?


A transformative moment

We bring your leaders on a deeply customized learning expedition, an innovative learning experience outside of their usual environment, to create a transformative moment of inspiration, reflection, and activation.

Our programs are energizing, fun and intense experiences that leave a profound impact on the mindset of the leaders who participate, and accelerate the cultural transformation of the company.

Challenging your ways of doing

By being immersed in a different environment during a strategic learning expedition, discovering other ways of doing and other company cultures and by sharing with innovators and peers, your leaders are constantly challenged in their own ways of doing, which opens their mind and accelerates change.


An intense collective experience

Our learning expeditions and leadership programs are also an opportunity for leaders to connect on a deeper level with each other by sharing an intense experience together, which strengthens the collective in the company and is even more important in remote working contexts.


Getting new ideas

Your leaders also get new ideas on how to accelerate innovation, address their transformation challenges, become better leaders and create more value for the customers, employees and the planet, which they can implement in their teams.

Our approach


We design programs around your specific challenges and context

Each program we design for our clients is unique and 100% customized for their transformation needs and context, taking into account their unique company mission and culture.


Learn from the best

We connect your leaders with experts, innovators and peers in the most forward-thinking companies to share about leadership, transformation, customer centricity, sustainability, disruptive tech, new business models, and more.


We deliver delightful end-to-end in-person, online and hybrid experiences

We take care of everything from content to logistics and facilitation. With a network built over years of experience, we are able to deliver programs in-person around the world, as well as fully online or hybrid.

Where do we organize learning expeditions?


From Shanghai to the Silicon Valley, Paris, Berlin or Tel Aviv, our international network and our methodology allow us to organize customized corporate learning expeditions in any city across the world.


Every ecosystem has its own strengths and specificities. We can recommend you the best locations for your learning expedition based on your needs, industry, specific areas of interest and budget.

Who are our learning expeditions for?


Executive Committees, C-Suite

Learning expeditions are an opportunity for your top executive leaders to take a moment to reflect collectively on your company’s specific transformation challenges and innovation goals, and get connected to innovative ecosystems.


High Potential employees / Talent Programmes

Top talents get inspired to challenge themselves as leaders by learning from best leadership practices and company cultures across the world.


Leadership Development Programmes across all functions and levels

Leaders get inspired to be more innovative in their company, learn from peers in other ecosystems, and get the confidence to lead more effectively in complex and fast-changing environments.

Clients testimonials


Innovation Is Everywhere conducted a deep design thinking mission in Australia observing, emphasizing and interviewing 50 mining workers on the job site. The quality insights outcomes delivered conducted to a massive and promising business transformation into a very difficult and challenging industry environment

Laurent Voisin

Global SVP Marketing Energy and Resources


We have been working with Innovation is Everywhere in order to better understand how corporate innovation places across the world were setup and which services they provided to their users. Through examples from Africa, Asia and the Americas, and also thanks to their recommendations, we have been able to better shape our project. A rich collaboration

Catherine Delisle

Head of Project Development at Fabrique Digitale


I enjoy both their capacity to detect new elements from their field trips and on-the-ground exploration, as well as their capability to link those findings with business objectives

Yves Lacheret

Senior VP Entrepreneurship Advocacy

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