Innovation Is Everywhere

Innovation Is Everywhere

November 10, 2023

Scentopia, presents an immersive fusion of technology and perfumery as Singapore’s first augmented reality perfume-making experience. The store offers...

Scentopia, presents an immersive fusion of technology and perfumery as Singapore’s first augmented reality perfume-making experience. The store offers personalized scent creation based on a unique personality test, detailed tours about perfumery, and 250 interactive augmented reality exhibits. Diverse local scents and rich cultural influences enhance the sensorial journey, positioning Scentopia as a distinctive case study in the integration of technology, culture, and retail.

The concept:

Scentopia, a tourist attraction located at Beach Station atSentosa, is Singapore’s first augmented reality perfume-making experience allowing visitors to create bespoke scents based on a personality test. To reach the perfume store, you can walk along the beach, until you hear the music coming from the Scentopia shop. Open daily from 11am to 7pm, the shop allows visitors to enjoy an incredible customer experience while creating a unique perfume. The shop opened in early 2022, and the space is divided in three sections: a retail section, a perfume-making section, and an Augmented Reality section. In the retail section, Scentopia offers various perfumes, from the basic single scent perfumes to specially-mixed Singapore-themed fragrances.

This section of Scentopia also offers a wide variety of fragrance products, including scented soap, bath salts, essential oils, body mists, reed diffusers, candles, and more. In addition, the retail section offers a variety of gift sets and accessories, making it a great place to find the perfect gift to remember your visit to the shop. In the perfume-making section, customers can get guided tours about the history behind the products. The Guided Perfumery Tour is a 10 to 15 minutes guided tour about perfumery facts. There are over seven tours each day focusing on different topics such as Sir Raffles Collection, Sense of smell and well-being, History of perfumery and many more. To create a perfume, visitors will be tasked to do a short personality test that will help identify the scent that matches their lifestyle and personality. After getting the results, visitors can proceed to choose 10 scent wands from a selection of over 300 scent wands to create the fragrance. The activity is led by experienced perfumers who can help participants choose the right scents and create a fragrance that is both unique and appealing. Moreover, a touchless aroma machine will help in creating a sample before confirming the desired scent for the perfume. Last but not least, Scentopia has over 250 AR experiences for patrons to interact with. Visitors can expect to see historical creatures or even animated depictions of the perfume ingredients such as lavender. All you need is a smartphone and the Facebook application. After scanning the QR codes, your phone will redirect via the Facebook App, and an animated character will appear on your phone’s monitor.

Why visit the store?

1/Find the fragrance that’s right for you!

One of the highlights of Scentopia is the opportunity to create your own custom perfume. You’ll start by choosing a base scent, then you’ll add your own unique blend of essential oils.To be the creator of your own perfume, you need to buy a ticket at the entry. Then, the staff will guide you along the way. Firstly, they will conduct a personality test to assign you one of these 5 personalities: Citrus, Fresh, Floral, Woody and Oriental. The second step is choosing your preferred scents from the rack. Choose at least 6 scents, up to 10 scents. There are two sub-sections: men and women; each has 5 racks that correspond with the 5 personality types, for a total of 300 scents. In step three, the staff will provide a small cup to mix all the scents that you have chosen. Lastly, they will create your final mix based on the scents that you have chosen.

2/Learn about the science of perfumery and the history of singapore

Scentopia offers a variety of interactive exhibits that teach you about the history, chemistry, and psychology of perfumery. There’s something for everyone, so you can learn all you want while enjoying the shop and its products. For instance, you’ll learn about the different types of scents, how they’re created, and how they affect your mood and emotions, but also you will learn about the history of perfume in the world.

3/ Discover the numerous AR exhibits

During the visit, you can enjoy the AR experience of the shop.
This store is the first perfume shop to offer this kind of
technology. After scanning the QR codes on the posters hanging
on the walls, it will link to your Facebook App, and then an
animated character will appear on your phone’s monitor. These
animated figurines illustrate each poster, enhancing the learning
experience at Scentopia with an interactive component.

4/ Create a new core memory by engaging your senses

Scentopia is a sensory overload, in the best way possible. You’ll be surrounded by a wide variety of scents, from the familiar to the exotic. During the visit, whether you’re into perfumery or not, the shop’s staff are on hand to help you find what you’re looking for. In fact, there are hundreds of scents you can try there, and according to your desires, the staff will direct you towards the scents that are best suited to you. Moreover, a custom perfume is a unique and thoughtful souvenir for tourists looking for a way to capture their experience in Singapore.

5/ Discover a wide range of aromatic products

In the retail section, Scentopia offers various perfumes, from the basic single scent perfumes to specially-mixed Singapore-theme perfumes, as well as scent-related products such as scented soap, bath salt and essential oils. The retail shops at Scentopia also sell a variety of souvenirs, jewels, and other merchandise.