The sale of jewellery by video: Ideal goes live streaming following Covid-19

East Asia (China, South Korea...), New retail



March 22, 2020

The Chinese jeweller Ideal has carried out a complete transformation of its business model following the Covid-19 crisis. The salesmen, formerly in shops, now manage their own online shop window and broadcast “live stream”, i.e. live videos, to display and sell the brand’s jewellery.

The concept

Ideal is a traditional Chinese jeweler based in Shenzhen. Since 2001, Ideal has been manufacturing and selling jewellery under several of its brands throughout China through physical shops. With the crisis situation of covid-19, Ideal chose to transform its sales strategy by launching the “Thousand People, Thousand Stores” campaign.

Since February, each of Ideal’s employees has been responsible for his or her own mini online store. Hosted in the cloud, and developed in partnership with Saas YouZan, employees have access to a virtual general warehouse that allows them to access the available stock.

The employees, whose commissions have been increased from 3% to 50% of the sales price, perform live-streaming sessions to accelerate sales, propose promotions and maintain customer loyalty. Ideal’s partner franchises are also included in its new system.

With its new strategy, Ideal saw positive results very early on with the sale of 2,000 pieces online, for a turnover of 280,000 euros. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Ideal was even able to sell a ring for 13,000 euros online. Ideal uses digital marketing platforms such as Douyin and Tmall Live, which allow the distribution of online marketing videos and live streams.


The customer experience

Take advantage of promotions and discover the brand’s new products

Employees receive live-streaming training by the KOL Lan Congee expert, and are encouraged to interact as influencers, promote the brand’s history, but also carry out promotions and flash sales to animate their community and sales.


Rewarding influencers with gifts

Users can also send gifts to the influencer, who will be able to exchange these gifts for money, a very common practice in China during live streaming sessions.

Develop a very personal relationship with the salespeople of your choice

Each seller manages their own community on their Douyin account. They are the influencers of their own mini-boutique. They publish content about products, but also about their work life, or reproduce popular videos from the platform.

Buy live during live streaming

As the Ideal Group is responsible for several brands, the mini-boutiques allow salespeople to personalise the product selection and marketing for their target group. The group also plans to establish a collection of jewellery at lower prices in response to the economic recession.