Leadership in Metaverse : a new paradigm ?




November 21, 2022


The Metaverse skyrocketing recent expansion challenges companies and leaders to find its most suitable use and to properly adapt to the many changes it might unleash on our current society. The Metaverse describes either a 3D universal and immersive virtual world  or a network of virtual worlds focused on social connection. In 2021, venture capital and private-equity funding into the Metaverse have reached approximately $13 billion while the value of the Metaverse is expected to hit $5 trillions by 2030. The skyrocketing appeal for the Metaverse keeps growing stronger and stronger : By June 2022, the investment rounds into it had already doubled all 2021 ones. We’ve looked at how this will impact leadership.

Is Metaverse the future of remote working ?

Remote working boomed against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and sang the swan song of the traditional way of working. The Metaverse will undoubtedly not only pursue this change but revolutionize it. As a matter of fact, you can now build or buy an office inside the metaverse where you can have your company’s meetings. It will offer the same perks as remote working, by allowing employees to work from home or whenever they want, but in the meantime it will correct many of the remote working issues.

The Metaverse will offer different personalized rooms equipped with whiteboards and other tools to simplify your meetings, all connected to each other in order to smooth the flow of your meetings. Moreover, the Metaverse will end the flat two-dimensional conversations : as people connect to the platform with a personalized avatar, you are able to perceive the body language from people, an essential component of human interaction. Finally, the full immersion in the virtual universe will prevent any distraction that can occur in a zoom meeting. You will no longer be bothered by your cat obscuring your camera !


The rise of a new management paradigm

Many management issues born from remote work will be corrected by the Metaverse. While remote work paved the way for a blurred distinction between workspace and personal space, the digital world will enable employees to mark a clear distinction between them as they stepped into the Metaverse. Moreover, the use of avatar and body language will cure the lack of human interaction that some people might feel. 

The Metaverse also provides you limitless possibilities for teambuilding motives or for creating and sharing your company’s culture throughout your employees. For example, the technology company XpertVR reunites its employees every week for a gaming session inside the Metaverse. Although the gaming experience might not suit every company’s culture, you can adapt or create your own activity to match your taste. Similarly, you are not bound to a simple office design. Each room can be personalized to your heart’s content, from a beach to a coffee place on the Moon. Let your employees express their creativity and personality !


The necessity of training to unlock the full potential of the Metaverse

Although the Metaverse provides many advantages,  this technology  will obviously come with new responsibilities and its own set of issues if not tackled accordingly. As a matter of fact, your employees and yourself need proper training and educational courses regarding the Metaverse, how to access  and use it as well as the possibilities it offers. Properly taught, the use of Metaverse will bolster the efficiency of your company and will enable you to further exploit your company’s culture : don’t use boring  PDF and powerpoints anymore to teach new employees about your company, create an interactive gallery exposing your values and core culture. Many countries are already implementing the Metaverse in their strategy. For example, South Korea is currently putting a lot of effort into research on the Metaverse, its use and the new issues it might unveil. Indeed, through a digital new Deal, a program which invests in all kinds of startups and projects related to the metaverse, the Korean government even plans to create its own metaverse, the K-metaverse. The Digital New Deal will represent a 7.5 billion dollar investment program.

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